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Past Work

From the Producers of Live From the Annex, comes a speculative romp through inner and outer space in the year 2028 – ‘FUTURE tense!’

Future Tense Nov. 2016

The Harbingers’ Laurie Murphy & Sasha Wentges. Photo by Steve Lyon.

December 17th’s intergalactic holiday show presents The Harbingers, house improv troupe Lisa Merchant & Friends (Jan Caruana, Marty Adams and Rob Baker), theatre artist Rick Miller, performance poet Stephanie Baptist, theatre artist Anna Chatterton, designer/futurist Maggie Greyson, contemporary dancer and burlesque Caitlin Thrasher, and Ronley Teper’s Lipliners, a Toronto-based band hot off their European tour, playing live to their Jutra Award-nominated video animations by Davide Di Saro. 8pm, two hour show with intermission. Tickets $15 – $20 advance.

Poster design by Michael Alstad

Poster design by Michael Alstad

The year is 2028. Dr. Clarrah Voyant and Dr Tony Mica [the Harbingers] are experiencing the worst cataclysm known to transhumankind. They work for the Department of Commiseration, an organization formed after the fall of the Empire.

Their job is to study and monitor the laughter levels of the humanoid population. Knowing that the people are depressed, they are searching for the entertainment that will accompany them on their first space shuttle voyage to Proxima b, the only [likely habitable] planet in the Proxima Centauri system.

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