Dec 1 Artists Announced: Elvira Kurt, Lisa Merchant, Naomi Snieckus, Baker & Cawley, David Jones & Brunswick Stew

Live from the Annex’s final show in its 2015 series is on December 1st. The holiday party show line up includes Elvira Kurt (Comic), David Jones (Music – Piano), Karim Rizkallah (Music – Halo Drum), Baker & Cawley (Improv/Sketch), Sasha Wentges, Laurie Murphy and Brian G. Smith (Co-MCs & LFTAnnex Co-Producers) and ‘CSI Annex Pop-Up Market’ (CSI Profile). In addition, the show features Brunswick Stew (Annex Improv) with guest improviser Naomi Snieckus. ‘Live from the Annex’ monthly cabaret features Toronto’s best comedy, music and social innovators. A show blending arts, community and technology with live streaming via a video portal, LFTAnnex gives local talent the rare opportunity to shine locally and internationally. (http://www.dailymotion.com/youandmedia).  see more>> Live from the Annex’s Dec 1 line up, its final in 2015 cabaret series – News (Released Nov 19, 2015)

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